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Best Rest

Muscle Tension Body Fatigue Body Care Paste

Muscle Tension Body Fatigue Body Care Paste

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Product information:

Name: Sleep Paste
Specification: 48pcs
Ingredients: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lavender flower, jasmine oil, chamomile extract
Package size: 11.9 * 17cm


1.Improve Sleep Quality: Relieving insomnia and making you more relaxed.
2.Natural Ingredients: Made from herbal extracts, it is naturally mild and can be effectively absorbed through the skin.
3.Wide Usage: Suitable for daily life, travel and jet lag.
4.Easy to Use: You can simply put the Sleep Aid Sticker on before bed.
5.Great Gifts: Making people feel energized when waking up as a practical gift for your friends and family.

Packing list:

Sleep Stick * 48pcs

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